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MIGHTY MEDIC - Function Principle
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the MIGHTY+ MEDIC and the VOLCANO MEDIC 2?

The MIGHTY+ MEDIC is a battery-powered, portable device that can also be used outside the clinical environment or the patient's home. The VOLCANO MEDIC 2, on the other hand, is a tabletop Vaporizer that is connected to a power supply for utilization. In addition, the VOLCANO MEDIC 2 is significantly larger and operates with a built-in air pump that directs the aerosol into a Valve Balloon. The Valve Balloon is removable, allowing application independent of the Hot Air Generator. You can inhale directly from the Valve Balloon with minimal pulling resistance.
Instead of the Valve Balloon, the VOLCANO MEDIC 2 can also be used with the Tube Kit. The air pump is not required for this inhalation method.
The MIGHTY+ MEDIC is ideal for patients who need to use the device outside their home or clinical environment.

What substances can be used with the devices for vaporization?

With the MIGHTY+ MEDIC, only cannabinoids from dried cannabis flowers can be vaporized.
The VOLCANO MEDIC 2 facilitates the application of cannabinoids from dronabinol dissolved in alcohol and from dried cannabis flowers. Important: Cannabinoids dissolved in oil are not suitable to be vaporized.

How are the Dosing Capsules used and for which device are they suitable?

To ensure correct dosing and proper purification, we recommend inhalation with the MIGHTY+ MEDIC using a Dosing Capsule that is inserted into the Filling Chamber of the device. The Dosing Capsules can be filled in advance, e.g. by the pharmacy, by family members or by the patients themselves. This simplifies handling for the patient.
The Dosing Capsules can be used with the MIGHTY+ MEDIC as well as with the VOLCANO MEDIC 2 (when using the Dosing Capsule Adapter). If you want to use dronabinol dissolved in alcohol (only with the VOLCANO MEDIC 2), Dosing Capsules with an integrated Filling Pad are available.
One Dosing Capsule holds a maximum of approx. 150 mg of ground cannabis flowers.

Can the MIGHTY+ MEDIC be used during the charging process?

The MIGHTY+ MEDIC can be used during the charging process. In order to use the "Pass-Through" function of the MIGHTY+ MEDIC (use during charging), a Power Adapter with +15V @ 3A is required.
The supercharger can be purchased in our Vapormed online shop.

The characters "dct" on the display of the MIGHTY+ MEDIC indicate that the connected Power Adapter supports the "Pass-Through" function.

How long does the MIGHTY+ MEDIC battery last?

The device contains two built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The performance of the battery depends mainly on the user's habits. In addition, the application requires more energy under higher temperatures than under lower temperatures.

The MIGHTY+ MEDIC switches off automatically after 2 minutes. Can this setting be changed?

The automatic switch-off function works with a sensor that reacts to inhalations or keystrokes, which signals the device that it is being used. The automatic switch-off is an essential safety feature that cannot be deactivated. To prevent your unit from turning off during use, please press one of the buttons within 2 minutes.

What materials were used for the MIGHTY+ MEDIC?

Carefully selected materials have been incorporated into the design of the MIGHTY+ MEDIC. To make it even more robust and resistant, the MIGHTY+ MEDIC's Filling Chamber is ceramic-coated. The housing is made of a heat-resistant and odor-free plastic. The Cooling Unit is made of PEEK, a high-quality plastic which, thanks to its properties, is frequently used in room technology and in medical technology, e.g. for implants.
All materials comply with FDA regulations and are "medical grade".

How is vapor generated with the MIGHTY+ MEDIC?

The MIGHTY+ MEDIC works with a patented heating technology comprising convection and conduction. This combined heating technology means that the air is already heated as it flows through the heated Filling Chamber, ensuring immediate and continuous vaporization. The additional advantage of the heated Filling Chamber is that the plant material to be vaporized is already heated, so vaporization occurs with the first pull on the device.

How do I clean the devices?

We recommend using isopropyl alcohol or warm rinsing water to clean the Filling Chamber (VOLCANO MEDIC 2) or the Cooling Unit (MIGHTY+ MEDIC) of the device. Immerse the individual parts in alcohol for a maximum of half an hour. Prolonged contact with isopropyl alcohol can lead to color changes or embrittlement of the plastic parts.

The Herb Mill as well as the magazine must not be immersed in isopropyl alcohol. Clean these parts exclusively with warm rinsing water.

In addition, the deposit of coarse residues can be avoided by using Dosing Capsules. The Dosing Capsules can be prepared and stored in the Magazine.

How should the Filling Chamber of the MIGHTY+ MEDIC be cleaned? 

After each use, we recommend cleaning the Filling Chamber of the device with the Cleaning Brush to remove coarse residues. In addition, the Filling Chamber should be cleaned at least once a week with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Please make sure that no alcohol drips into the interior of the device.
If the Filling Chamber Screen is clogged or has deposits, please remove the lower Filling Chamber Screen from the Filling Chamber by pressing it in along the notches of the Filling Chamber. This may cause the Screen to bulge and become loose.
Insert a new Screen, making sure that the edges of the Screen lock into the groove.

How can I clean the Valve Balloon or the Tube Kit? 

The Valve Balloon and Tube Kit are designed for multiple uses without special cleaning. They may only be used by one person and up to a maximum of 70 applications and up to a maximum of 14 days from the first use. After that, a new Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece or a new Tube with Mouthpiece must be used. In case of heavy soiling, the Valve Balloon or the Tube must be replaced earlier.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Instructions for Use.

Which factors can influence the vaporization? 

First and foremost, the proportion of aroma and active ingredient vapors depends on the nature (quality) and amount (quantity) of the plant placed in the Filling Chamber. Other important factors are the size of the surface of the plant materials and the vaporization temperature:

Quality: the concentration of active ingredients contained in the plant material.
Quantity: The amount of plant material in the Filling Chamber.
Surface area: The finer the plant material is crushed, the greater the surface area from which the active ingredients can be released.
Temperature: The higher the temperature, the more active ingredients are released at once.
Lung power: The more air is drawn through the Filling Chamber, the more vapor is generated.

How do I know if the contents in the Filling Chamber/Dosing Capsule have been used up? 

We generally recommend starting inhalation at a temperature of 180°C. During the inhalation process, it is recommended to increase the temperature gradually (about 5 degrees) as the amount of exhaled vapor decreases. As soon as no more vapor is produced at the maximum temperature of 210°C, the contents of the Dosing Capsule are largely used up.

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