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A comprehensive evaluation of the clinical data of four scientific studies with the VOLCANO MEDIC as well as further existent scientific knowledge about the inhalative application and effectiveness of cannabinoids is offered by:

Post Market Clinical Follow Up

Dr. F. Grotenhermen, Germany

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März, 2008

Dr. F. Grotenhermen, Germany

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The studies presented here were produced independently of STORZ & BICKEL.

November, 2022

Amir Englund, Dominic Oliver, Edward Chesney, Lucy Chester, Jack Wilson, Simina Sovi, Andrea De Micheli, John Hodsoll, Paolo Fusar-Poli, John Strang, Robin M. Murray, Tom P. Freeman and Philip McGuire

April, 2020

Pharmacodynamic effects of vaporized and oral cannabidiol (CBD) and
vaporized CBD-dominant cannabis in infrequent cannabis users

T. R. Spindle et al., United States

November, 2009

J.T. Fischedick, F. van der Koy and R. Verpoorte, Netherlands

Maiy, 2008

B. Pomahacova, F. Van der Kooy, and R. Verpoorte, Netherlands

May, 2008

L. Zuurman et al., Netherlands

May, 2007

Prof. D. Abrams et al., United States

October, 2005

A. Hazekamp et al., Netherlands

October, 2004

D. Gieringer et al., United States

Evidence-based research.


The scientific studies presented here – commissioned by STORZ & BICKEL – served as proof for additional requirements associated with certifying the cannabis inhalers, and other purposes.

November, 2009

H. Tretter and U. Prott, Germany

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