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I did not receive an order confirmation.

Most orders have to be validated before a confirmation is sent out. Please be patient, you will receive an order confirmation as soon as your order is processed. In case you are not notified within a week after the order was placed, payment might have not gone through. Please recheck whether the outstanding amount was deducted from your account. If not, please place another order.

My order is not listed in my account.

Please initiate an RMA by registering your device for repair with us.Your order will not be shown in the order history of your account immediately after the order was placed. Please be patient and check it again as soon as you have received an order confirmation.

What about malfunctioned spare parts?

Spare parts are wear and tear parts, which are not covered by our warranty. You will find all spare parts in our online store.

I do not live in the EU, do shipping costs incur?

For international shipments, taxes and duties will most likely occur at the customs. We recommend getting in touch with your local customs service to inquire about the tax rates.

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