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Which applies to me, warranty or paid repair?


To claim warranty services, register your device. By registering your device, you will receive a three-year warranty from STORZ & BICKEL for your VOLCANO MEDIC 2 and MIGHTY+ MEDIC and a two-year warranty for your MIGHTY MEDIC. Within this period, defects on your device can be repaired by STORZ & BICKEL free of charge. Normal and natural wear and tear as well as improper use are excluded from the warranty. In this case, however, you have the option of a paid repair.

Paid repair

If your device is outside the legal warranty or guarantee period or has defects that are not covered by our warranty, you have the option of sending your device in for repair. Please make sure to register your device for this service as well. You can select the applicable repair case for your device and its costs under "Buy repair" in your customer account after a successful product registration.

How does the repair service work?

1. Select your country

2. Log in to your customer account or register as a new customer.

3. Go to the "my devices" section of your customer account.

4. If you have not already done so, register your new device.

5. Your device can now be found under the menu item "my devices". Please be patient, we need up to 72 hours to verify your registration. Then click on your device and start a repair request.

6. Now you have the possibility to select your repair case. If you have any questions about your repair, please contact our customer service.

The general terms and conditions of STORZ & BICKEL GmbH for repairs can be found here.

Further information

Please send us the defective device (hot air generator) WITHOUT accessories or spare parts (e.g. cooling unit, filling chamber, etc.). We have to dispose these components for hygienic reasons, without you being entitled to replacement of these components or claim for value replacement.

All prices are in Euro and include 19% VAT. Please note that depending on the country, the VAT rate may differ. Shipping charges depending on the destination country are due as follows:

  • Deutschland 7 €
  • Europa 15 €
  • International 50 €


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

 Repair case
 Heating  139 €
 Air-Management  169 €
 Housing  139 €
 Repair case
 Repair (flat-charge)  159 €
 Repair case
 Repair (flat-charge)  149 €
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