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Vaporizing cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids vaporize at temperatures over 180°C and form an aerosol that can be inhaled and respired. The droplets are absorbed in the alveoli and enter the bloodstream (systemic absorption). When cannabinoids are inhaled, the onset of the effect takes approx. 1-2 min. and the effects lasts for 2-4 hours. For application, a distinction must be made between the vaporization of dronabinol (THC) dissolved in alcohol and the vaporization of cannabinoids from hemp flowers (cannabis flos). Cannabis extracts and pure cannabinoids - dissolved in alcohol - need a substrate to be vaporized. Therefore a Drip Pad made of stainless steel wire was developed, fitting perfectly into the Filling Chamber.

Vaporizing alcohol solutions.

As the alcoholic fraction is not supposed to be inhaled, a separation is necessary and can be executed easily. The Filling Chamber with the Drip Pad is placed on the Hot Air Generator and air with a temperature up to 100°C is pumped through the Drip Pad. In this temperature range, the cannabinoids do not vaporize, but the alcohol evaporates quickly. After the alcohol has vaporized, which, because of the alcohol's distinctive odor, can easily be determined by an olfactory test, the 'AIR' is turned off and the device is heated to 210°C. The cannabinoids will now be vaporized from the Drip Pad and subsequently be inhaled. Dronabinol has neither odor nor taste and it can be easily vaporized at higher temperatures.

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